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From Here and There

Artist - ASSI artists and collections

Stage: Available for tour


  1. Curators, John Waldron and Imelda Miller

  2. Project Management

  3. Tour Coordination


Australian South Sea Islanders are the Australian born descendants of people brought here between 1863 and 1904 to work the cotton and sugar plantations, pastoral and beche-de-mer industries. They arrived from eighty Pacific islands, with the majority from Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. 

These people were brought to Australia as a source of cheap labour. Many were tricked into coming, others were kidnapped or "blackbirded". Men, women and children were forced to work long hours, for low or no wages while living in very poor conditions.

Between 1906 and 1908 large numbers were deported. Those who remained and their descendants were subjected to ongoing racial discrimination and harsh treatment, including restrictions as a result of government legislation. 

On 25 August 1994 the Commonwealth Government formally recognised Australian South Sea Islander people as a distinct cultural community. In 2000 the Queensland Government acknowledged the unjust treatment and ongoing social and economic disadvantage endured by the community.

Through a range of contemporary and historic material the exhibition From Here and There, Australian South Sea Islanders commemorates the 150 year heritage of the Australian South Sea Islander people. The exhibition reveals the hidden and difficult stories associated with their heritage and showcases a resilient and vibrant community who are proud of their ongoing contribution and achievements in Australia.

The exhibition was developed as part of the ASSI 150 SEQ commemorative program, presented by the ASSI 150 SEQ Steering Committee under the auspice of Museum & Gallery Services Queensland.

ASSI 150 SEQ Commemorative Program was held June - September 2013.


Krishna Nahow; Jasmine Togo-Brisby; Luther Cora; Gemma Tammock; Sarah Scragg and Brian Rogers.

Tour Details

  1. Size of exhibition: 45 framed photographs, 50 - 60 running metres

  2. Support material: Exhibition labels, Media package, Tour manual

  3. Education/ public programs: Available - Curator; Artist talks; Artist workshops

  4. Dates available for tour: Available 2014 - 2016

  5. Cost of touring exhibition: $3,000 + GST plus freight

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Krishna Nahow, Phantom Ship, 2012, Digital print on canvas paper