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East Coast Encounter

Co - Curator / Coordinator

Stage: On tour

Brisbane Showgrounds

Curator Living History Program

Museum Development


Public Art

Curator / Project Manager

ASSI Exhibition

Curator / Project Manager


Artist / Collaborator

A multi-arts initiative involving significant Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, writers and songwriters to re-imagine the encounter by Lt. James Cook and his crew with Aboriginal people in 1770.

Cook’s voyage along the Australian east coast has become central to national historical narratives.

Exhibition tour 2014 - 2017

With touring experience to regional, state and national venues, Blue Sky View offers management services for the development and coordination of touring visual and heritage arts exhibitions.

Exhibitions available

Artist and collaborator John maintains a visual arts practice that is most often about creating connections with place and people.

Exhibitions and events

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The Makeway Lab is a arts and health initiative that provides access to innovative technology and participatory programs to improve the health and well being of people in need.

The Makeway Lab is a mobile facility equipped with digital design and fabrication tools for participant to interact with, learn from and create interesting and useful things.

Makeway Lab

Stage: Trial Residency

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Touring Exhibitions 

Available for tour

Surf World

Curator / Consultant

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John has been engaged by Lend Lease as Curator, Living History Program, Brisbane Showgrounds to research, develop and deliver an interpretative and creative  cultural heritage program for the regeneration of the precinct.

This is the first role of its kind for Lend Lease in Australia.

Through a range of contemporary and historic material this touring exhibition commemorates the 150 year heritage of the Australian South Sea Islander people. It reveals the hidden and difficult stories associated with their heritage and showcases a resilient and vibrant community who are proud of their ongoing contribution and achievements in Australia.

Blue Sky View has been selected by the City of Gold Coast to provide direction for the administration, development and management of the Surf World collection, including the research, documentation and interpretation of the collection.

In addition develop a plan for the potential transition of the Museum to a beach-side location.

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    1. Having worked in the gallery sector for over 25-years, as an education officer, curator and manager, John can assist the development of innovative and engaging exhibitions, programs and facilities.

    2. Case studies

    1. With conceptual, creator, curator and project manager experience Blue Sky View offers a range of public art services for single or programed permanent or ephemeral projects.

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Curator / Project Manager

ASSI 150 SEQ is a multi-art program to acknowledge the ASSI people and promote their unique culture, hidden heritage and valuable contribution to Queensland and Australia.

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