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In November 2009 Andy Goldsworthy visited the Conondale Range near Kenilworth to develop a concept for a significant permanent artwork for possible commission in 2010. The purpose of the artwork is to explore the unique character of Conondale Range and celebrate the new Conondale.

Following a successful site visit the Department of Environment and Resource Management, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Division commissioned Andy Goldsworthy to create the Strangler Cairn for the Conondale Range Great Walk. Strangler Cairn is made from granite and slate sourced from a local quarry. It is also planted with a small strangler fig (Ficus watkinsiana) which, over time will grow and 'strangle' the cairn.

Strangler Cairn

Andy Goldsworthy

Conondale, 2011

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River Breathes is an collaborative artwork that promotes the critical need for healthy rivers.

Recent findings indicate that healthy rivers play an important role in taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. The bacteria in heathy rivers can break down tree and plant materials in the water, and this process is a major generator of the carbon dioxide breathed by the river.

River Breathes involves artist / curator John Waldron, projection artist James Muller and Kabi Kabi cultural practitioner Beverley Hand.

River Breathes

Mary River Festival

Kandanga, 2013

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ASSI 150+ was a feature of the ASSI 150 SEQ Commemorative Program.

Artist James Muller projected images from state and community South Sea Islander collections onto the State Library as part of the opening of the Australian South Sea Islanders exhibition.

The event was coordinated by John Waldron and Imelda Miller

ASSI 150+

State Library Queensland

Brisbane, 2013

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While working for the Sunshine Coast Council John developed the Noosa Junction Station Projection Art Program.

The twelve month program featured work by four Sunshine Coast based artists.

At night the windows of the transit station would be illuminated by the looping projected films.

Featured artist were:

  1. Beau Deeley

  2. James Muller

  3. Pauline Casely-Hayford

  4. Kathy Daly and Glen Manning

Projection Art Program

Noosa Junction Station

Noosa Junction, 2011

While working for the Sunshine Coast Council John developed the Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest.

The bequest is awarded biennially to a Stone Sculptor, who is an Australian citizen. It enables the winner to travel to Italy to work for two months alongside an international community of sculptors at Studio Corsanini in Carrara.
The Bequest is designed to be of particular interest to mid-career artists with substantial expertise, wishing to extend their abilities and absorb the experiences presented by our unique 'Carrara Connection'.

The Noosa Botanic Gardens are located on the shores of Lake Macdonald, a short drive from Noosa via the hinterland town of Cooroy.

The Bequest is managed by the Noosa Council.

Image: Hew Chee Fong | Medium: Bianco Carrara Marble | Size: 320 x 95 x 70 | Date completed: 2012

Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest

Noosa Botanic Gardens