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Surf World

Curator / Consultant

Stage: Development


  1. Consultant

  2. Curator


  1. Surf World, Gold Coast

  2. Gold Coast City Council


There are two key phases of the consultancy:

  1. Part A: Provide expertise, implement change and make recommendations for the administration, development and ongoing management of the Surf World collection, including the research, documentation and interpretation of the collection.

  2. Part B: Identify issues and constraints and develop a plan for the potential transition of the Surf World collection into an identified future Gold Coast beach-side location (working in partnership with the Project Control Group (PCG) and other identified consultants/stakeholders).


  1. Revise and refresh the current thematic display and layout of the current exhibition, including any new storyboards or installation interpretation

  2. Identify the need for acquisition of new items (in particular historical photographs) to fill gaps in the current collection

  3. Undertake research and analysis to adequately document and catalogue collection items and determine condition and authenticity (provenance)

  4. Identify and recommend any conservation work required on collection items

  5. Oversee the cataloguing of the collection into a database (it is anticipated a university student could assist with this data entry)

  6. Ensure appropriate loan agreements and licenses to reproduce are in place from owners and copyright holders

  7. Review the Surf World website and recommend a course of action for it to be improved

  8. Undertake oral history projects with key personalities and collection owners

  9. Work with voluntary staff and organise administrative duties associated with the use and care of collections, including customer service and visitor experience

  10. Review and recommend new exhibition opportunities - permanent, digital, website, interactive, temporary, travelling etc

  11. Identify new public program opportunities – events, films, workshops, festivals, conferences, children activities, music etc

  12. Review existing digitisation of the collection and propose a plan for completion

  13. Maximising opportunities with Surf World’s current Deductible Gift Recipients (DGR) status

  14. Pursue partnerships and collaborative opportunities with surfing events, other museums, facilities (locally and internationally) and the Gold Coast City Art Gallery (GCCAG)

  15. Identify and pursue philanthropic links and other potential commercial sponsorship / funding opportunities that may enhance Surf World's long-term financial sustainability.

Project enquiries
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  1. An Entrance Statement

  2. Directional Signage

  3. Changing Exhibition Space

  4. Exhibition Development

Key Dates

June 2015  - December 2015