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significance assessment - scenic advertising drop curtain, boonah qld

Blue Sky View was engaged by the Scenic Rim Regional Council to provide a Significance Statement and Conservation Report for the Boonah Scenic Advertising Drop Curtain by H. Whitman (1934).

This report will inform the decision making of Council in regard to understanding the significance of the curtain, its preservation and permanent display. This project included a: significance assessment / statement; conservation assessment / report; an investigation to the life and career of H. Whitman; and concept design - installation structure to display the curtain at the Boonah & District Cultural Centre.

Completed: July 2019

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heritage / archive building projecT - PEACHESTER history COMMITTEE

Blue Sky View was engaged by Peachester History Committee (PHC) to provide a Interpretation and Display Plan for the PHC Heritage / Archive Building. This report will inform the decision making of PHC in regard to the development of the new heritage display space.

This plan examined, the people flow and use of the space; the key themes/ stories to be presented; the requirements and opportunities to promote/ conserve the heritage of Peachester; the requirements and opportunities for the PHC Collection; and provided recommendations to guide the interpretation within the new heritage display space; and conceptual drawings for the display within the space.

Completed: March 2019


Collection significance assessment - landsborough museum

Blue Sky View was engaged by Sunshine Coast Council to provide a Significance Assessment of the Landsborough Historical Museum collection.

This report provided a: summary of the history of the collection; review the scope and themes of the collection; explores the context of the collection; description of the collection condition; significance assessment of the collection; statement of significance; and list of recommendations and actions.

Completed: May 2018


Conservation Report - Kirra Eagle

The City of Gold Coast engaged a professional team lead by Blue Sky View to assess and report on the structural and artistic integrity of the Kirra Eagle sculpture, located at Kirra Hill Lookout, Garrick St, Coolangatta.

The team included structural engineer Ashley Ruffin, Lambert & Rehbein; metal sculptor/public artist Russell Anderson, artplusdesign; and public art/conservation consultant John Waldron, Blue Sky View.

This Kirra Eagle, Conservation Report provides Council a summary of the assessment findings; the history of the sculpture and artist; a public art condition assessment; a public art significance assessment; a public art maintenance report; and a list of options and recommendations to ensure public safety, and for either the conservation or decommissioning of the sculpture.

The report was prepared in consultation with Council staff and the artist’s family.

Completed: March 2018

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heritage Report

- to preserve and promote the heritage of The Kingston Butter Factory

Blue Sky View was engaged by IA Design to provide a Heritage Report for Kingston Butter Factory (KBF). This report will inform Logan City Council’s decision making in regard to any adaptive reuse of the factory building, associated cottage and surrounding area.

The project included: a summarised history of KBF; list the cultural heritage values of the KBF; examine the requirements and opportunities to conserve the heritage of KBF; examine the requirements and opportunities for the KBF Collection and Museum;: provide recommendations to guide the heritage preservation / heritage interpretation of KBF; and provide a conceptual study for a Heritage Interpretation Strategy for KBF

Completed: January 2018


curatorial consultancy - surf world gold coast

This Project follows a series of activities initiated by the City of Gold Coast (Council) and Surf World Gold Coast (Museum) towards ‘the development of an iconic surf museum for the Gold Coast’.

PART A - CURATORIAL AND ADMINISTRATION - To provide expertise and recommendations for the administration, development and implement processes for the ongoing management of the Surf World collection, including the research and interpretation of this collection.

Part B – Collection Transition and Re-location Plan

To develop a plan for the proposed re-location of the Surf World collection into an identified iconic Gold Coast beach-side location. This required extensive collaboration with the City’s Project Control Group and other key stakeholders to identify issues, constraints and requirements to ensure the safety of the collection.

Completed: February 2016

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Curatorial statement -

A Living History


Blue Sky View was engaged as to curate The Living History Program for Lend Laase and the RNA Showgrounds. The program explores the community, character and heritage of the Brisbane Showgrounds.

The Curatorial Statement outlines the precinct's social significance and key themes of the Living History Program.

By informing the program’s creative and interpretative processes, the statement ensures both the continued growth of the identity of the Brisbane Showgrounds, as well as the preservation and accessibility of its shared heritage.

The statement guides a series of interpretative activities, including an ‘interpretive 'tree grate trail’; threshold design; and public art works.

Completed: February 2016